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These days we deal with a tremendous amount of data on our computers, and it clutters devices with various useless files. As a result, one of the burning questions for users nowadays is how to do the system and hard disk cleanup to ensure the computer’s proper performance? Arguably, the best way to do that is to run a professionally developed cleaning app that functions as the disk utility helper on your computer. It sounds more difficult than it is, so most of the Apple users should try this method before making conclusions. Imagine: you can deal with the daily tasks without being interrupted while the app is performing monitoring and cleaning. Isn’t it much more comfortable than doing everything manually and postponing the urgent task? What every Mac user needs is a perfect utility to release from worries about the behind-the-scenes processes, and our team can offer a professional solution for that!


Check out these amazing tools included in MacProCleaner that provide a safe way to get rid of the junk on your Mac.

Mac Cache Cleaner

Cache files are temporary items with the main purpose is to boost all the processes when a user works. They are accumulated in storage and worsen the performance of your Mac. Each time a user applies Mac Cache Cleaner, he/she cleans all types of cache at once: system, user, and browser caches in a single, simple click. With our tool, it is possible to save up to 70% of the storage space.

Registry Cleaner

The cleaning of outdated entries is the main function of a registry cleaner. It helps to remove residual files or folders after deleting an app, obtain more free space on Mac’s HD, and make computer’s work more efficient. Unlike Windows OS, Mac OS X has no registry or in-built cleaners for it. That is why you need MacProCleaner to improve the performance of your Mac system.

Memory Cleaner

It is difficult to find a perfect memory cleaning utility that cleans inactive memory files and helps to increase the load time to 80%. Yet, with our app, you will not worry about exceeding the physical memory threshold. Having such kind of app at your disposal means you won’t see your Mac freezing or crashing in the most responsible moments. Feel the difference in speed with our innovative tool!

Browser Cleaner

We should ask Mac owners an important question, “Do you care about your confidentiality and personal data safety?” If yes, our cleaning solution is right for you! Every time a user visits a particular website, its owners and advertising agencies gather little tidbits of data about the user behavior to target these ‘victims’ with their products. It’s essential to have a Browser Cleaner that prevents from losing personal data. The main task of this MacProCleaner’s tool is to delete the search history results and cookies after the session is over.

Make Mac Faster

Imagine how fast your Mac system can work if you take care of all the junk files on time. Where do they come from? These items appear on the Apple computer every time a user opens a browser, creates/deletes a document, or downloads music or video files. These invisible files are hidden from the naked eye of a regular Apple user. Therefore, MacProCleaner could become a perfect solution to make your Mac work faster by detecting and removing the junk.

Data Recovery

The ability to restore intentionally or accidentally deleted a file – even if it was removed from the Trash Bin – is perceived by many users as a superpower. It’s just a question of knowledge, skills, and proper software. With MacProCleaner, you’ll be empowered to rescue eliminated data and bring corrupted HD or flash card back to life, create a recovery disk, or even retrieve the forgotten password.

Cleaning Apple Products

Most of the Apple products are useful. From time to time, the computer still gets ‘fed up’ with numerous leftovers associated with the different applications. It is not easy to uninstall software in full – some junk may stay once the user places the app’s icon into the Trash. Many apps = many problems. To free up space, you will need something like our powerful app uninstaller, which is a part of MacProCleaner. It will erase both the application itself and associated files known as leftovers.


Do you think that throwing an app into Trash and emptying the bin is enough to completely remove it from your computer? Sadly, you’re wrong. Almost all deleted apps leave their traces on Mac; you can check out and find them scattered throughout the system folders. They take precious space on the startup disk, and one day a user may face a notification about the drive being almost full. It may happen when you are about to see the next episode of your favorite show or download the important document to complete the work.

That is why it is essential to know how to clear off app’s residual data completely. App cache and other supplementary files should be erased. Prevent an unpleasant situation by finding a smart tool to clean all unnecessary items with a single drag-&-drop move.

Many tools are available out there to fulfill this task. But how will you know a chosen program fits all Mac user’s needs? With MacProCleaner, it’s easy. It has a revolutionary built-in algorithm that predetermines smart recognition of junk files and runs an automatic daily scan to hunt down unnecessary files. What’s even better, MPC does that silently in the background without disturbing the user!

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You cannot figure out how to clean your internal hard drive without wasting a few days on it? Every modern person values free time, and the best way to save it is a special tool to take care of Mac hard drive. A single application to keep Mac clean and well-optimized would be enough to keep the computer away from the drop in performance. Innovative MacProCleaner will serve this purpose the best.

Mac owners should keep in mind a good app must be able to do the following:

Delete the leftovers of once removed apps in any library

Empty all the Trash Cans on Mac

Get rid of the duplicate files

Remove temporary files on HD

Erase preferred browser’s cache

Eliminate unnecessary language files

Apple experts recommend MacProCleaner tool as the best way to cope with all these tasks while you are busy or have no desire to clean everything manually.


Experts recommend many different actions to take care of Mac’s storage – start the ‘treatment’ from looking through the downloaded files. Check how much space they require and you’ll be shocked. Sort the files you do not need anymore, like a movie you’ve half-watched and will hardly finish or a game which seems to be endless. Some users solve this issue by watching movies, listening to the music, and playing games online.

The next huge step is to check music, photo, and video libraries for duplicates. Have you accidentally noticed a couple of clones? Where’s two, there’s more. You’d better look through your files to find and delete the detected duplicates. Be ready that the manual process will be tiring and time-consuming – so why won’t you simply use our handy solution?

Check occasionally all your folders with the special scanner inserted in MacProCleaner. The following example will explain the importance of such action. A computer is like a car’s engine: the cleaner it is, the better it works. So, decide whether you need several identical items or you can perfectly do with the original file. After you do a regular check-up with the help of advanced MacProCleaner scanner, let our smart tool finish the largest job: clear your Mac’s storage space for more important files in a couple of minutes.


Once a user applies a third-party cleaner from our professional developers, he or she can be sure in its safety. A Mac owner will obtain more free space for the faster system performance. It is much riskier to clean the hard drive manually as a user should know for sure which items are useless and which files should stay on Mac to let it function properly.

With MacProCleaner, an Apple computer user does not risk losing any important data. The smart algorithm will not let the crucial items get removed! A cleaning software knows what to delete, when to delete, and how to delete. Apply these simple steps to boost your Mac’s performance:

Select “Find Junk.” This action will detect duplicates, temporary files, caches, outdated files, and other garbage on the drive of your choice.

 Observe the offered list of potential junk. Pick the items you would like to remove

Choose “Clean” to free up gigabytes of space

Any user – a newbie or a guru – will find it simple and fast to use our innovative cleaning solution!


Wow, your app has finally deleted useless apps’ leftovers hidden from my eyes. I have felt the incredible improvement in speed and overall quality of work of my Mac after installing and using your cleaner. I enjoy that it finds all the duplicates and other trash. I cannot remember every file I stored. It was difficult to use Terminal to wipe my disk – now I see the difference! Mac Pro Cleaner does wonders!

Stephen Myers , Oxford, United Kingdom

I have used several cleaning apps before MacProCleaner, and I did not stay fully satisfied. They did not detect junk files for me, and I had no desire to waste hours on finding what exactly is causing my Apple computer to freeze. I am busy with other things. Thanks to your software, I have realized the difference between various types of junk, and it helps me to handle it well!

Joseph Davis , Alabama, USA

Before I discovered MacProClaner, I had those annoying issues associated with the lack of memory that prevented me from downloading the recent episodes of my favorite shows and new games. It is an amazing, easy-to-use tool! I have solved my notebook’s problem once, and today I do not face this obstacle any longer.

Mary Stonehead , Oklahoma, USA


It is time to breathe a new life in your Mac – old or new – with the help of our revolutionary tool!
If you have no other way than a fresh start because your Mac doesn’t work properly, then you need to wipe it. But how to perform it safely? The only way to do it is to transfer all your data to the Cloud storage you can access on the target device. If you do not want to put personal data on the Web, make a copy to the external hard drive.

What are the best cleaners for OS X?

OS X cache cleaners go far beyond their name. Apart from the main function to clean system logs, cache, folders, and rootkits, it has many amazing benefits for Mac users. They help to maintain, optimize, protect, rebuild and repair various features and issues of your system. The multifunctional nature of OS X cleaners makes them a must. Here are the most popular versions of cleaners for OS X: Tiger and Leopard Cleaners, Yosemite Cleaner, Mavericks Cleaner, Lion Cleaner, El Capitan Cleaner. Choose wisely!

All these cleaners obtain an advance feature to protect OS X from malware, spyware, and Internet attacks.