Smart ways to perform Mac disk cleanup and save your personal files from vanishing

protect your personal files

Cleaning up of your internal hard drive should be as smooth and smart as it’s possible. These days we deal with so much information that it makes Mac cluttered with various files that seem to be no longer important. Unfortunately, among them, there are those documents you may urgently need one day.

So, the question is how to do Mac disk cleanup and protect your personal files from vanishing? The best way is to run a cleaning app on your computer that functions as your disk utility helper. Yet, it sounds even more difficult than it really is. You can deal with your daily tasks while the program is performing monitoring and cleaning. This is a perfect utility for those who are too busy to worry about any behind-the-scene processes.

How to Clean Unnecessary Apple Products that Clutter your Mac?

Check these amazing tools that provide a safe cleanup of all the junk files on your Mac.

Mac Cache Cleaner

Cache files are temporary and their main purpose is to boost all the processes when you work. However, they are often accumulated in your storage and thus, it worsens the work of your Mac. Basically, when you use Mac Cache Cleaner you clean all the types of cache at the same time: system, user, and browser in one simple click. With this tool, you can save up to 70% of your storage space.

Registry Cleaner

The cleaning of outdated entries is the main function of such a registry cleaner. It also helps to remove residual files or even folders after you’ve deleted an app. It allows to free more space on your HD and makes its work more efficient. Unlike Windows OS, Mac OS X has no registry as well as in-built cleaners for it. Which is why you need an app to improve the performance of your Mac system.

Memory Cleaner

It is rather difficult to find a perfect memory cleaning utility that cleans inactive memory files and helps to increase the load time to 80%. Yet, with this app, you will have a chance not to worry about exceeding the physical memory threshold. Having this kind of app at your disposal means that you won’t see how you Mac freezes in the most important moment. You will feel the speed difference with this tool.

Browser Cleaner

You should supply your Mac with such a cleaner if you care about your confidentiality and personal data safety. Every time you visit a particular website, its owners and advertising agencies gather little tidbits of data about your user behavior to target you with their products. So, it’s essential to have a Browser Cleaner that prevents from losing personal data. The main task of this tool is to delete any search history results and all cookies after you finish the session.

Make Mac Faster

Imagine how fast your Mac system can work in case you take care of all the junk files. They appear on your computer every time you open a browser, create a document and then delete it, or when you download music or video files. These invisible files are covered from the eyes and attention of a regular user. Therefore, MacProCleaner could become a perfect solution to make your Mac work faster.

Data Recovery

The ability to restore intentionally or accidentally deleted file – even if it was removed from the Trash Bin – is perceived by many users as a superpower. But in fact, it's just a question of knowledge, skills, and proper software. With MacProCleaner, you'll be empowered not only rescue eliminated data but also bring corrupted HD or flash card back to life, create a recovery disk or even retrieve the forgotten password.

Cleaning Apple Products

Mac users are regular visitors of the AppStore. Downloading and then learning a new app for many users is like a challenge of a game. However, when you have too many apps for the same purpose, you do realize they take too much space. That is why you’ll need a tool that won’t regret to remove the apps you rarely use. What’s more, this tool will help you erase any traces of its supplementary files.

How to free up space on Mac with one drag&drop move?

Who said you get rid of an app once you have dragged to delete? Any app you have removed once can still have its traces on your Mac. It takes the precious space of your startup disk and one day you can face this kind of notification.

Thus, how to clear an app so that any cache and other supplementary files were deleted too? First of all, you should find a smart tool that cleans all unnecessary, simply calling “junk” files, with one drag&drop move.

There are many available tools for this purpose. But how will you know a chosen program fits all your needs? It’ll be easy if you just check its potential and customers’ reviews. The app you choose must have the highest credentials so that you could fully trust your personal files to it. This tool should have a built-in algorithm that predetermines smart recognition of junk files and makes an automatic daily scanning for unnecessary temporary files.

clean all unnecessary files

How to clean up Mac hard drive?

Can't figure out how to clean your internal hard drive without wasting a few days on it? If you value your time then you should find a special program that takes care of your Mac hard drive. It is especially important for those of you who can’t afford to lose even a bit of information.

There are many free tools which can provide your computer with the most useful features. Yet, it’s always one application to keep Mac clean and optimized. Mac Pro Cleaner will serve this purpose the best. For this reason, you should always mind that a good app must be able to do the following:

To delete the leftovers of once removed apps in any library

To empty all the Trash Cans on your Mac.

To get rid of duplicate files.

To remove any temporary files on your HD.

To clean out your browser’s cache.

To eliminate unnecessary language files

We strongly recommend MacProCleaner tool as the best way to cope with all these tasks while you are busy with your own work.

What should you do to clean up Mac storage?

There are various recommended actions to take care of your storage. You can look through all the downloaded files you have in it. Check how much they take and you’ll be literally shocked. Then you need to sort out those files which you do not need anymore, like a movie you’ve half-watched and will hardly ever finish.

I solved this issue watching all the movies and listening to music online. Of course, if you want to have an unlimited access you’ll have to pay for it each month.

And the last huge step to do is to check your music, photo, and video libraries for duplicates. If you’ve detected at least two of them use an automatic tool to find and delete the rest.

My advice to you is to check occasionally all your folders. Your laptop is like your car’s engine: the cleaner it is the better it works. Therefore, you should make a huge revision of those apps you have on your desktop. Don’t think it will take too much of your time because it is easy to decide whether you need an app or not. Hence, if you can’t remember what stands behind the name of a few apps as well as their purpose, you just don’t need it.

After you make this regular check-up, let Mac Pro Cleaner utility finish the largest job to clear you storage space for more important files.

Make a new start – wipe Mac to make it fast and clean of junk

If you have no other way than to begin fresh because your Mac doesn’t work properly then you need to wipe it out. But how to perform it safely? The only way to do it is to transfer all your data to the Cloud storage that you can access on any device. Yet, if you do not want to put your personal data into the web, make a copy to the external hard drive.

What are the best cleaners for OS X?

OS X cache cleaners go far beyond their name. Apart from the main function to clean system logs, cache, folders, and rootkits, it has so many amazing benefits for Mac users.

They help to maintain, optimize, protect, rebuild, and repair many features and issues of your system. Hence, the multifunctional nature of OS X cleaners makes them a must for every Mac owner.

Here are the most popular versions of cleaners for OS X: Tiger and Leopard Cleaners, Yosemite Cleaner, Mavericks Cleaner, Lion Cleaner, El Capitan Cleaner.

All these cleaners obtain an advance feature to protect OS X from malware, spyware and various threat attacks.