While Mac devices cost quite a decent money, which we believe they deserve, you don’t need to spend too many dollars to download some of the best apps that will meet your every need. As it is known, best things in life come for free. This is true for powerful and cool apps that we’ve gathered for you in the list below. All you need is just a few minutes of your time to get them installed on your Mac.

Apps for Mac

Sophos – free antivirus

As you know, Mac devices do not have too many issues with viruses. However, it is definitely worth having an antivirus app on your Mac, especially if it is free, powerful, and simple to use, such as Sophos. This app will protect Mac from all kinds of malware, viruses, and potentially hazardous websites. Sophos was named “the best free antivirus for Mac’s,” and we totally agree that it’s true.

Download Sophos here.

AVG Cleaner – free cleaner app

Another must-have for your Mac is a reliable cleaner app. We believe that AVG Cleaner is a decent app for cleaning your Apple products. The fact that the app is available free-of-charge is a nice bonus. It is a truly powerful and universal app that is ready to boost the performance of your Mac by deleting all types of duplicate files, uninstall apps without a trace, deal with trash, scan Macs system and most popular apps such as Photos, iTunes and Mail, manage extensions and much more.

Download AVG Cleaner here.

Google Photos – free photos editing app

All you need to use Google Photos is a free Google account. This app is great for storing your photos that will be downloaded to the cloud of Google with no limits set. Moreover, your Mac’s system will be scanned for the new images, and you’ll be offered to add them to the cloud as well. For storing the photos of higher original quality, you’ll be provided with free 15GB of space on Google Drive (more space is available at a charge).

Download Google Photos here.

Lightworks – free video editing app

Lightworks defines itself as the “professional video editor for everyone.” The list of the movies edited with this app includes Pulp Fiction, The Wolf of Wall Street and The King’s Speech, which makes the fact of Lightworks being available for free just exciting. The free version of this app is available with a license which can be renewed every 7 days.

Some of the most and highly-professional features of the app include multi-camera editing, adding titles and real-time effects.

Download Lightworks here.

Audacity – free audio editing app

Audacity is a great choice for basic audio editing. Whether you need to produce a podcast, clean a Skype interview, record narrating to a video clip or simply cut or trim an audio file, Audacity will get the job done for you, under no fee.

Download Audacity here.

VLC – free media player

VLC is great for viewing those formats of video that QuickTime won’t play (e.g., WMV and AVI). It also plays those formats of audio (such as FLAC and Ogg) that neither iTunes nor QuickTime support. VLC gets the job done thanks to vast encoding and decoding libraries, and supports the majority of existing audio and video formats.

You can create own playlists, crop videos, write headlines or text and even lie some effects over them, which makes VLC a great tool.

Download VLC here.

Dashlane – free app for managing passwords

Everyone knows that choosing proper passwords is essential. That should be hard to guess, differ for all sites and should never be written down. Keeping a long list of passwords in your mind is not the easiest task. That’s where a password managing app may help. Dashlane – a smart and secure app is available for free. It plugs into Safari, Firefox, and Chrome and helps you to choose the most secure passwords and auto-fill them once saved for each particular site.

Dashlane also offers the option for saving payment data such as bank accounts and credit card numbers.

Download Dashlane here.

HiddenMe – free app for hiding desktop icons

HiddenMe is a small but useful app, which lets you hide desktop icons by putting them on a menu bar. One click on it reveals the list of all the hidden icons. An app will be useful when showing a presentation, taking a screenshot or in case you want to keep some apps to yourself and not leave them on the desktop visible to everyone.

Download HiddenMe here.

Who Is On My WiFi – free app for finding out who’s using your WiFi

The name of this app speaks for itself – the app is created to let you know who’s using your WiFi connection. It allows marking the detected entries as Known and Unknown, and even name them. The app’s badge in Dock shows the number of devices connected – keep it running to keep an eye on the changes.

This app will be helpful when you want to check if the kids have really shut their laptops down or switched their smartphones off. You’ll also get to know if some strangers have hacked your WiFi and are using it for free.

Download Who Is On My WiFi here.

Hearthstone – free game for Mac

A search through the app store will provide you with a long list of free games for Mac, many of which are really great. However, if you ask us to name just one game, that would be Hearthstone.

Despite its idea – collecting cards, which might seem to be simple – this online game is really addictive and captivating. 40 million players worldwide will speak in its favor. Play in daily quests and against other gamers, win rare cards.

Download Hearthstone here.

We hope that on this list of 10 best free apps for Mac, you will discover something useful or fun for yourself.