Whether you own a PC or a Mac, keeping your computer clean and free from clutter to ensure its efficient work is an essential task. The Windows computers users are usually aware of what registry cleanup means in this regard. The registry is a collection of configuration settings and databases in the Microsoft Windows OS. The need of cleaning the outdated registry entries plays its role in keeping the device working fast.

Unlike PC’s, Apple computers do not have a registry as such, because their file system and the approach to managing the entire OS is completely different. However, Mac computers have an analog of the registry. Though it has another name and works differently, the ultimate result of its work is basically the same.

In this article, we won’t go into details of explaining the principles of work of the Mac computers, and for the facilitation of the readers’ comprehension of the article, we’ll keep the name “registry.” Below we provide the list of the most helpful Mac cleaners. Choose the best registry cleaner for Mac to keep it free from unwanted clutter, clean the leftovers of outdated or malware data, prevent lags and personal data theft.

Top Registry Cleaners


CCleaner is a widely popular app for brushing system junk out of your computer. It will do great for cleaning such browsers as Safari, Chrome, Opera, etc. CCleaner will also help to keep the hard drive of your Mac clean, and therefore increase its storage space and productivity. The app will delete caches, temporary files, and all kinds of trash in just one click. It can also perform uninstallation of applications and erase their remnant files. CCleaner is a highly customizable and user-friendly app, with an intuitive interface. It is definitely worth considering as a great choice of a registry cleaner for your Mac.

Detox My Mac

Detox My Mac is a relatively young, yet quite powerful cleaning application that is ready to remove all kinds of junk from the hard drive of your Mac in just one click. The app will intelligently scan your Mac to detect all the unused and duplicated files that clutter the system. The interface of the app is simple; it is fast and easy to use. You should keep in mind though that to get the entire app’s toolkit, you’ll have to buy a full version. The free variant of Detox has considerably limited functionality.


MacClean is considered to be one of the most popular and helpful cleaners for Apple computers. It is available free of charge and is fast and easy to use when you need to perform a thorough cleaning of your Mac. Getting rid of any system junk, caches and temporary files will help to boost the productivity of your Mac. To get started, you need to scan the system. Next, the app will provide you with data of the hard drive space used, left and how much of it you can declutter. One click is enough to clear the entire system.

CleanMyMac 3

CleanMyMac 3 is one of the most popular multi-functional Mac cleaners, and having a look at an impressive list of its functionality you may understand why. With the CleanMyMac installed on your computer, most definitely you won’t need any other cleaning apps, to perform the most essential cleaning and maintaining processes. As an effective registry cleaner, it will help to remove Xcode junk (Xcode-generated information and project index built up in your system), old updates of apps and multiple copies of your documents. Besides, CleanMyMac will get rid of system and apps caches, clear up trash and app leftovers, monitor trash status, delete unused language files and uninstall apps without a trace. The drawback of this universal tool is that it requires a significant amount of system resources to perform scans. It’s not an uncommon situation when a user needs to put off other tasks until CleanMyMac finishes its work.


AppZapper is different from the other apps described in this list. Its main goal is removing unused applications from the system of your Mac without any trace. The app will brush any residual files and folders out of your Mac’s hard drive, increasing its storage space. AppZapper can be really helpful in case you aim to find all leftover folders and files after the deletion of an app from your Mac. Even though the app is not designed for removing other kinds of system junk and caches away from your Apple computer, we still consider it to be beneficial.

We hope that this review will help in choosing the most effective registry cleaner for Mac, that will meet all your needs.