The Advanced Mac Cleaner is a utility for Apple computers meant to keep your Mac running fast, smooth, and free of errors. The app’s developers claim that it was coded by experts in the industry who have a combined experience of thirty-two years. It is obviously simple to use, so it is suitable for anyone, even users who are brand new to Mac computers. Let’s have a closer look at this app to find out is it really an efficient Mac OS X cleaner or a garbage app that only mission is to drain money from a careless user.

What is Advanced Mac Cleaner?

So just what is the Advanced Mac Cleaner application? This utility was created for users who want to optimize their Mac system’s performance. It has various built-in tools that help you clean out junk data from your computer. It includes cache, duplicated or unneeded large files, browsing history, and much more. In short, this program helps you improve the performance of your system and get disk space back.

This application does not need a help guide since it comes with a self-explanatory interface. You can configure the settings easily, even if you are new to Macs. Once installed, Advanced Mac Cleaner scans your computer right away and produces a report, which gives you insights into the reasons for your Mac performing slowly.

Is Advanced Mac Cleaner Safe?

As with any application claiming to be a performance-booster and dealing with the system processes, many users wonder whether Advanced Mac Cleaner is safe to use on their computer? Well, we for sure can tell that it’s not a malware or a virus. On the other hand, there are dozens users’ stories on the Web regarding the fact they do not remember installing it themselves. The explanation of this paradox is that often AMC comes in bundle packages when installing some other software. Unattentive users just confirm every step during the setup process without going into details of what additional add-ons may find their way onto a Mac.
Advanced Mac Cleaner
Later, some users might find AMC to be a useful application that helps them to keep their Mac running smoothly and get rid of the things they do not want on their computer. Even the constantly present ads and pop-ups in the app do not significantly affect their impression.

For those who do want to remove it from their computer, they find it to be difficult, unfortunately. Just moving it to your trash is not enough. It is something to be aware of and do your research on before you download AMC to your own Mac. Then, if you are not happy with the performance of the app, you know where to go for directions on removing it correctly.

Pros and Cons of the Advanced Mac Cleaner App

Overall, Advanced Mac Cleaner is a user-friendly software that does its job thoroughly and gives you complete, fast scans and cleaning. You can run separate cleanings to remove malicious apps, plus other software, files, and all kinds of data that you want to eliminate from your machine.

On the other hand, although the title of this application has the word ‘Advanced’ in it, it really is not. It has only the most essential cleanup features plus and a quite limited array of additional options. However, when compared to the competition, it is not entirely enough, especially if you are looking at just the scan-only free version, the virtually non-existent customer service, and the expensive initial cost.

There are several different pros and cons to this application, which you should consider before deciding to purchase Advanced Mac Cleaner:


  1. Offers the ability to perform duplicate files removal
  2. Easy to utilize with an extremely user-friendly interface
  3. It gives you a built-in app uninstaller
  4. Provides several cleanup options
  5. Fast scanning


  1. Removing it from Mac is a real challenge
  2. The customer service is non-existent, even though their website says about 24/7 support

High cost

All in all, the Advanced Mac Cleaner can be a useful tool in helping to keep your Mac clean and running at its best in the early stages after the computer’s purchase. It is very easy to use and works quickly to remove unwanted files. However, for experienced users, AMC’s functionality may not be enough to fine-tune their precious Macs. Also, from what other users have stated, the app has annoying pop-ups and ads, which come up frequently repelling a substantial amount of people who have installed it. Plus, AMC is not an easy uninstall – you must put a lot of time and effort to fully get it off your computer.