At some point, almost any computer may malfunction due to a range of various reasons. Freezes, slowdowns in work, shutdowns, system glitches or a device restarting itself may possibly lead to a user losing some piece of information. Losing or having no access to an important document or a presentation – the result of long hours of your work or, as another example, the originals of media files which you can’t replace, can be really frustrating.

Having your data backed up regularly may help you to avoid running the risk of data unavailability or loss. However, in a situation when a backup hasn’t been done, you’ll need to perform such an operation as data recovery.

Apps for Data Recovery

Recovery is a range of advanced technical methods which are used to restore lost information or data on a Mac or a PC. Recovery software is a highly efficient and helpful in a task of regaining lost data. Recovery apps repair and recover separate files, entire storage media, databases or corrupted partitions.

The Internet offers a great variety of file recovery software for the users who faced the problem of having a piece of valuable data lost. We recommend trying out a demo version of any recovery app before you decide to purchase its full version. Download a demo on your Mac to see how effective it is and to evaluate its performance, speed, and ease of use. If the results satisfy you, you can buy the full version. Most of the companies offer demo versions of their recovery products free of charge.

Further, we offer you a list of top effective and reliable – in our opinion – Mac file recovery apps. Choose the one which works best for you.

1. Data Rescue

Data Rescue is a highly efficient app for Mac data recovery that holds leadership in the ranks of recovering lost data compared to many other apps. It can cope with almost any type of files and does 100% excellent with almost any formats of photos and document files, be those lost to deletion or reformatting. Data rescue also does way better than the majority of other apps with media files recovery showing a result as high as 93%.

An intuitive, user-friendly interface of Data Rescue comes as a nice bonus. It will take you only a few minutes to download the app, register and start the scan of your Mac right away. This software has many perks, one of which is recovering the original names of the files. Now you won’t have to check on all the unfamiliar items to find what you are looking for. Overall, Data Rescue offers you advanced searching tools, a preview of the files from the prior scan, recognition of the duplicate files and compatibility with Mac’s Time Machine. The app also offers a set of useful business tools.

We should mention though that Data Rescue may be performing file recovery generally slower than most of other apps. However, we are sure that all of its numerous benefits make it worth the wait.

2. EaseUS

EaseUS is one more of the popular apps for Mac file recovery. It offers its users easy file recovery and data backup. EaseUS has a set of easy-to-use tools and a user-friendly interface. It’s working fast and secure, and grants an immediate customer support. Besides, the software offers a remote network access recovery, which can be of great use as a business tool.

It is worth saying that EaseUS does best with documents recovery: it managed to recover 96% of documents that were reformatted and 94% of those that were lost. The app also does a great job with photos recovery (97% for lost and 93% for reformatted photos). Unfortunately, the software is not really helpful at the restoration of multimedia files such as music and video; its result reaches only as high as 41%.

To sum up, EaseUS can be really effective in recovery of photos and documents, and as long as it meets your needs, you can be sure to try it out.

3. R-Studio

Recovery software for Mac by R-Studio may probably be one of the most powerful apps out there. Its capabilities are impressive and can cope with almost any files regardless of their type lost by any of the reasons: lose, reformatting, damage, partition, encryption, etc. In total, R-Studio software can recover up to 98% of files.

The outstanding features of the app come with a price – it can be complicated to use for the average Mac users. Originally designed to be used by forensic personnel, the app saves certain complicacy in its commercial version. It will do best for experienced users, offering them a range of advanced features.

4. Disk Drill Pro

Disk Drill Pro is one more app that just like EaseUS app, does its best for recovery of lost images and documents of all types, showing high results above average. The app is working rather fast; its interface is user-friendly and intuitive. It’s easy to install and navigate.

Disk Drill recovery app won’t be much helpful in recovery of multimedia files with the average result of 53%. However, if the restoration of lost documents or photos is all you need, the app will complete the task well.

5. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Mac data recovery software is one of the most effective and powerful recovery apps. It works especially great for retrieving photos and documents, and shows high results for media files recovery as well. The app offers network access capabilities which are very useful for organizing work in IT departments. The installation process is easy; the app’s interface is user-friendly. It is even possible to stop or save the process of scanning of your Mac. The speed of scanning and recovery is rather slow, though. Also, the app has no free updates.

In general, we believe Stellar Phoenix Mac recovery app to be especially helpful for the users who are not novices.


You can find tens of Mac data recovery apps on the World Wide Web. None of them are perfect, though: you have to deal with certain drawbacks while enjoying the benefits of the apps. We