When you buy Mac, you expect it to work seamlessly for quite some time. After all, it’s not some no-name junk; it is arguably the best laptop of our age. So, when it starts to run slow or even freeze, the chances are high that you feel hurt and betrayed. There are two major ways to make your Mac work faster again.

  • The first way is to invest more money and upgrade the Mac by first of all buying a hard drive with larger capacity and more RAM. It will cost you a good buck. The question is how much time later will you have to invest more to perform the next upgrade or buy a new Mac after the problem returns?
  • The second way is to optimize your Mac’s system, apps, and resources by utilizing specific maintenance apps, primarily cleaners. Yes, you’ll most likely need to run them from time to time or even regularly (which we actually recommend). But the effect will pretty much be same as if you’ve purchased a larger hard disk and couple more gigabytes of RAM.

If you are willing to pay a couple hundred dollars for the new hardware for the Mac – follow the first method. But if you’re not ready to cough up, take a look at the list of cleaners broken down by the most popular Mac OSX versions.

El Capitan Cleaner

This version of cache cleaners brings plenty of advanced features for its users. First of all, it focuses on the protection from malware, spyware, viruses, malignant apps, and various attacks. It is possible due to the healthcare functions of the tool. It means that the cleaner aims at the effective maintenance of OS X as well as your computer’s security: it repairs system utilities; it has a customized control panel; it provides with emergency options; it has portable versions for the iPod or your flash drive; it empties all cache data safely; it enlarges your system’s memory potential; it brings automatic scanning for viruses and other types of malware.

Yosemite Сleaner

A number of Yosemite Cleaner maintenance tools makes your Mac work smooth and fast. As well as Tiger and Leopard cleaners, it obtains a powerful antivirus algorithm including scanning of all your internet downloads. Benefits: it has a clear non-confusing interface; it helps easily remove any unnecessary junk files; it purges Internet cache.

This Northern Softworks’ product has the highest frequency of downloads. The main reason you should mind downloading this app is its high antivirus protection and automatic permission repairing. Apart from this, the tool keeps your system’s health on the highest level. It maintains all necessary functions of OS X.

Mavericks Cleaner

This type of a cache cleaner has the same purpose as its previous alternatives. However, if you still doubt what app could serve you the best, then give your preference to Mavericks Cache Cleaner. First of all, it’s more than just safe because it has an amazing number of features for your OS X. It has fully automatic maintenance system. Mostly it includes the internet download scanning. For many users it’s the main problem because after one downloaded mp3 file the whole bunch of problems can be hidden. Advantages: it considerably optimizes memory and files; it recovers the space of your disk and speeds up the system.

Lion Cleaner

LCC or Lion Cache Cleaner can be used for your both personal and business needs. As well as other cache cleaners, it also provides the maintenance of the whole system. It has become possible due to the efficiency of virus scanning and elimination of search history files in your browser. Furthermore, this kind of cleaner improves your computer’s memory and boosts efficiency: it allows to customize its Dashboard or other panels like Spotlight etc. So, you can simply turn them off; it oversees any disasters and allows to use the bootable disks for some Emergency situations; it offers ClamAV antivirus protection.

Tiger and Leopard Cache Cleaners

To improve your Mac system performance you will need to upgrade to Tiger Cache Cleaner. Here are its main characteristics that can help you make the right solution: it repairs file permissions; it removes any system logs; it scans the Mac for viruses; it optimizes the type of your internet connection.
Leopard cleaner has also its considerable benefits for users: it provides OS X users with point & click interface; it protects your system from the CramAV antivirus and rootkit threats; it optimizes the work of your files and the whole system due to the enhanced RAM work.

Sierra Cache Cleaner

Mac owners have high expectations regarding the work of their devices. They pay a lot to get a fast-working, user-friendly device. If you discover that your Apple computer starts working slow, it is most probably fed up. In case manual methods or even a recent Optimized Storage feature on macOS Sierra and High Sierra do not satisfy you, it is better to choose one of the third-party cleaning solutions. Why would you invest large amounts of money in external drives and iCloud extra storage? Just utilize one of the awesome cleaning and maintenance applications that will boost your Mac’s performance significantly!

To Speed up Your Mac OS, Clean up Disk Space

Great Mac OS X performance depends on three major factors: sufficient hard drive space; the amount of startup items; and a number of apps running in the background. MacCleanerPro is a comprehensive all-in-one solution for cleaning up your valuable laptop. This tool has plenty of useful functions including those important features mentioned above.
solution for cleaning a laptop

  • Disk Cleaner Mac OS X

For fast and stable work, any OS X version demands a good portion of the free hard drive space. It is used as a virtual memory when the installed RAM is not enough to run multiple applications simultaneously and accomplish user commands as quickly as possible. That’s why it is crucial not to clutter the system with junk files, like trash bin stuff, duplicates, language packs, etc. They eat up gigabytes of precious space and thus, negatively affect OS X behavior.

  • Cache Cleaner for Mac

When it comes to freeing up disk space, one of the first steps you’ve got to make is to get rid of cache files scattered all over the system. The problem with the cache is that many of such files are stored in multiple hidden folders that a user may not even know about. When piled up, cache files can slow a Mac down considerably. Thorough cache cleaning with MacCleanerPro will boost your Mac performance and free up hard drive space.

  • Mac Memory Cleaner

As the old saying goes, “The RAM is never enough.” Insufficient memory is one of the main reasons of lags and freezes on Macs. MacCleanerPro lets you check the RAM load, monitor memory use by applications, kill unnecessary processes, flush memory instantly and thus, makes Mac generally faster. For all that, our memory cleaner is really simple to use – you can free up RAM in just two or three clicks.

Actually, Mac doesn’t have a registry as such. Nevertheless, this fixed term is still used to specify a set of various outdated entries and junk files in the system. This needless data piles up on the hard drive after you delete files and applications. Eliminating it is another measure you should take to free up disk space. As Mac doesn’t have built-in ‘registry’ cleaner, MacCleanerPro is a perfect tool to perform the task.

So if you’re looking for the best Mac OS X cleaner, you can look no more – MacCleanerPro is the smartest way to keep your laptop tidy and fast!