Today, Macs are initially equipped with a substantial number of useful programs. Sometimes, it’s even hard to figure out at once what additional applications can be advised. Especially when the Mac analogs of standard Windows programs are more functional and require a less time to be mastered.

The collection below contains 10 best macOS applications of 2017 so far. These utilities either have no analogs or greatly simplify the performance of system functions. In order not to rack your brains about the priority of these programs, they are presented in alphabetical order.

Must-Have List of mac Apps


Do you still write passwords in notebooks, put it in safe, and keep the key under the mattress? It’s a joke. Today, with the arrival of various apps for storing passwords, you don’t need to do this anymore.

1Password needs no advertising. It is a well-known leader in the competitive market of password managers. Even despite the high cost, this app finds its fans. It is a secure application for storing passwords and other important data. Log in to websites with just a few clicks. Use the password generator to change your passwords or make them stronger.

Alfred 3

One of those applications, which make it impossible to imagine your further work on your Apple computer without them. This is a fast program launcher, Internet search engine, calculator, dictionary, hard drive navigator and a whole bunch of different things. With the help of keyboard shortcuts and simple text commands, Alfred 3 will make your work on a computer as convenient and fast as possible. You will never say goodbye to this app.


This is a file backup and online storage service. It allows you to keep files on remote servers for their safety in case local copies are lost. Unlike popular cloud services, Backblaze is clearly developed for long-term storage of information.


This one is the new player on the market of cleaning apps, but it has a potential to take on the best Mac OS X cleaners out there. One app for cleaning all corners of your computer. The basic functionality is pretty much the same with other cleaners. The perk is that you just need to launch it once upon installation – then, MacProCleaner works in the background mode only sending out notifications when the issue really requires the user’s attention. The rest is done automatically as the system scanning and monitoring processes run constantly. Thus, you don’t have to waste your time waiting for the end of “deep scan” that MPC’s rivals perform.


Dropbox is a cloud storage service with the ability to synchronize files between different devices. Thus, you have access to your data regardless of the device that is currently in use.


Have you ever work on your computer late at night? Remember this annoying bright blue light beating from the screen? F.lux smoothly changes the monitor’s color profile, depending on the current time of day. At night, warm colors are set, which correspond to artificial lighting in the apartment, and in the daytime – cold ones.


Quite handy utility for keeping your Mac hard drive in good shape. With Hazel, you can filter files by name, date, type, even the website where the file was downloaded from. But that’s not all. The program allows you to add color labels, keywords for searching in Spotlight, comments and even to archive files and folders. All these tasks are performed automatically giving the user the opportunity to focus on his work.


Pixelmator is a program that gives you the ability to create, edit and improve the quality of your images. This app includes several editing tools that allow users to perfect their photos to the very last pixel. All these functions are accessible through a simple and extremely apparent program interface.


Work, work, work. Don’t you think it’s time to take your mind off? For music lovers, Spotify application will be the best choice. Spotify offers a gigantic music catalog, supported by the most famous record companies, such as EMI, Warner Music, Sony, and Universal. You can view the directory using the built-in search engine.


TextExpander is a fighter of the invisible front, which for sure will save your time. This keyboard shortcut utility and alphabet automator is an indispensable tool for those who deal with repetitious bits of text. In other words, it automates and simplifies your typing work.


The current version of the free media player for macOS easily copes with the playback of broken or not fully downloaded files. With VLC Player, you can watch videos right while they are being downloaded. The player supports a vast number of multimedia file formats.

Did not see your favorite apps in the list? It’s not weird. Often, it’s a massive selection of really useful applications that makes Mac the best tool for work and entertainment.