Over the years, Apple products gained a reputation of advanced, reliable, and fast devices. Nowadays, their phones, laptops, and desktops form the industry standard. Yet, no matter how iconic they are, they bungle too. Especially, this is true about various models of MacBook and Mac desktops. If not taken delicate care of, with time, they get cluttered with system junk and unnecessary files. Add here the fact that Apple cloud services like iTunes or iPhoto can cause duplication of hundreds of files on the hard drive – and you will see that there is quite a significant chance of running out of disk space pretty fast.

What does the full hard drive mean for any Apple product? That’s right – delays, lags, freezes, and other performance issues. What is the solution? Cleaning the disk and system regularly and thoroughly. First of all read the guidelines for cleaning your Apple products. But can a human being deal with this task on its own? Hardly, as it may take hours. So, what to do? Well, use a designated software developed specifically for the Mac cleaning purposes – like MacProCleaner. It has lots of useful features for any model of Apple computers, the most important of which are as follows:

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Apple disk cleanup

As stated above, having not enough free space on the hard drive can lead to Mac slowing down or even freezing. MacProCleaner scans the entire system and cleans out junk from multiple trash bins, removes temporary files and uninstalled apps’ leftovers, empties cache, etc. Thus, it frees up gigabytes of space on the HD and lets Mac work faster.

Duplicate file finder

Another feature that allows to get rid of unnecessary data is Duplicates finder. The thing is identical and very similar files pile up in the system while you copy information, use iTunes or iPhotos. Special algorithms will identify which file is the original and which is a copy. After that, you can delete all clone files. You’ll be surprised how much free space on the HD you’ll regain.

Apple memory cleaner

Apart from the free space and Mac browser cleaning, another key factor for any computer’s performance is RAM load. MacProCleaner can track memory usage in real time and notify you if available RAM is running low. Cleaning memory by killing resources-hungry processes and apps will prevent, stop or at least reduce lags on your Mac and make it perform at its best.

All-out Cleaning for Any Apple Product

How to Clean MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro is a high-end laptop by Apple. Currently, the fourth generation model is available. MacBook Pro is known for its power, productivity, top-quality display, and long battery life. But even fast processor and large RAM do not guaranty that over time MacBookPro won’t lag or freeze. That’s why regularly cleaning the laptop is a recipe for its seamless work. There are two main ways you can clean MacBook Pro: 1) use built-in features and utilities for manual cleanup; or 2) take advantage of designated software that will save your time and effort.

How to Pick Cleaner for iMac

iMac is an all-in-one computer that tops the Apple desktop model line. It is well-known for the highest-quality picture it generates on its 4 K and 5K Retina displays. Add here hard drives of up to 3TB – and you will see the reason why iMacs are extremely popular among designers, video editors, and whoever else who works with visuals. The other side of the coin is that working with complex visual projects clutters hard disk and loads memory. This, in turn, can make iMac slower. Learn how to clean your iMac fast and easy.

How to Clean MacBook Air

MacBook Air is famous for its thin design and light weight combined with quite powerful hardware stuffing. At that, MacBook Air sits below MacBook Pro on the performance range. However, thanks to relatively affordable price, MacBook Air became Apple’s entry-level laptop, and it’s dominating the market for years now. Because of less processor, disk, and memory capabilities, it is crucial for Mac Book Air to maintain enough of free hard drive space, so that Mac OS X could function as quickly as it is expected. Check out how to do that right here.

How to Clean Mac mini

Mac mini is Apple’s small desktop although it features many components usually used in laptops. It is valued for its solid range of features fitted in a compact form-factor. Thanks to these characteristics, Mac mini became a real workhorse for businesses and a reasonable choice for households. The high workload on Mac mini means that its HD will soon be filled up with gigabytes of various data, which may affect Mac’s performance. However, there are at least two easy ways to speed it up.

MacProCleaner – the Best That Can Happen to Your Mac

All in all, you should understand that if your precious Apple computer starts to lag and act strangely, the first thing to do is to arrange a major cleanup. For this task, MacProCleaner is arguably the best tool out there. Be it sleek MacBook Air, solid MacBook Pro, tiny Mac mini or powerful iMac, MacProCleaner will take a good care of your computer by cleaning its system and hard drive inside out!