Today, we can’t imagine our mobile gadgets and Macs without any applications installed on them. Checking on and downloading new apps, as well as spending time using and playing on them is one of the top popular activities among users of all ages. AppStore, just like Play Market, offers a vast variety of applications, created not only for leisure but also for all other spheres of life: healthcare, cooking, shopping, navigation, education, job and much more.

Educational Mac Apps

In this article, we offer you a list of 12 most effective and smart educational apps. They can be of great help for students of different ages and younger kids, for teachers and adults who are keen on self-education and self-development.

1. TED-Ed

TED-Ed is an exceptional resource which offers thousands of educational videos, covering most various areas of science, technology, and art. Video lessons, which last only 5-10 minutes, are informative and exciting; they explain complicated and interesting subjects simply. Short graphic cartoons, created in a unique style for each lesson, help the viewers’ perception.

The platform counts over 275,000 of video lessons and recordings of experts’ speeches at the world’s most prestigious conferences. Over 250,000 of teachers worldwide choose TED-Ed resource to offer engaging content to their students above the standard educational program, spark their curiosity and cultivate their presentation and speaking skills by creating own lessons.

TED-Ed is great not only for students and their teachers but basically for everyone who’s keen on self-development and would like to broaden their outlook.

The resource is available through the official site, YouTube, social networks and comes in the form of an application.

2. Memrise

Learning foreign languages opens bright perspectives, and helps in education, job, traveling, and communication. Mastering a new language may be demanding and time-consuming but is totally worth it.

Memrise is a great app which thanks to its interactive methods and user-friendly interface helps to study foreign languages faster and easier. Get portions of new material every day, and revise what you’ve already learned. Being a choice of millions of users Memrise proves itself to be one of the most effective educational apps.

3. Duolingo

Duolingo with over 200 millions of downloads is the world’s most popular app for learning foreign languages. A simple manner of teaching and graphics make it extremely effective, giving results almost at once. The lesson time is limited for each day, and the process is built up in a way to encourage a user to provide the maximum of correct answers.

You can set a reminder and an alarm for your daily exercise, not to miss the lessons. Duolingo is helpful for both students as well as for grown-ups of any age.

4. DailyArt

DailyArt is a wonderful resource for art lovers, students and simply for anyone who wants to widen their outlook. Every day the app offers a short article about an artwork (mostly paintings, but also graphics, photo, and sculpture) created by artists of all epochs, worldwide. Each item comes with a high-quality image attached, which lets a user take a look at a piece of art in detail.

Get your daily dose of inspiration and become keen on art with this app.

5. Google Arts & Culture

Google Arts & Culture matches the previous on the list app, DailyArt, well. With the help of this application, you can get even more information from all spheres of world culture and arts, look through thousands of images, explore greatest museums and galleries, read experts’ articles and blogs and even create virtual art collections of your own.

6. Draw and Tell

Draw and Tell is an awesome app for kids and young students, aged 3-9, which encourages them to develop their creativity and practice drawing and storytelling skills. The app offers a great variety of drawing digital tools, helps kids to create short stories to accompany their art and lets saving their results.

7. iMovie

iMovie is a popular application which lets students create their own videos, presentations, and group projects. The app has powerful and innovative yet simple features and user-friendly interface which makes the work with it enjoyable.

8. Animoto

This popular app for creating and sharing own videos can be of great use for students, too. The powerful yet simple in use tools of the application let one select photos and videos, add music, captions or text and build it all up into a video within just a few minutes. The video can be uploaded to YouTube, shared on social networks, presented in a class or become a part of a student’s portfolio.

9. Instructables

Instructables is a splendid resource of DIY projects instructions. It covers the most various topics from crafts and food to electronics and 3D painting. The site – and the app – can be of great help for younger kids, students and teachers doing school projects, and basically for anyone who is creative and loves handmade.

10. Evernote

Evernote is a popular app for taking notes, creating to-do lists and keeping information for your work projects organized. The app can sync between all your mobile devices, to save your time. Evernote is helpful for teachers, too, as with its help they can instantly send working materials, tasks, and notes to their students, without the need to make print-outs every time. The app lets store all the materials and reach out for any piece of information anytime.

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11. Typist

Typist is a tutoring app which helps you to gain the skills of touch typing. Save your working time without the need to look back and forth from the keyboard to the screen. Easy tutorials and instructions on the Typist help you to pick up a useful habit of touch typing in no time.

12. Flashcard Hero

Flashcard Hero is a great app to help students out with exams and tests preparations. The app keeps track of the learned information; students can make lists, structure and edit their materials. It’s also possible to take longer apps during classes and turn them straight into study cards.

We hope that you, your children, students or friends can pick a few great apps from our list, and make good use of them.