Got too many questions about your Mac? See for the best answers here.

What’s wrong with my Mac if it works slower than before?

The main reason your Mac works slower is that it has accumulated too many trash on its disk. Mostly these are system and user junk files, temporary files, logs, cache, and duplicates that can take too many space of your hard drive. There are also browser history and download history files which can make your current session less productive.

What should I do to get rid of all the junk, temporary, and cache files?

First of all, you should choose a good tool that can help you clean out all the unnecessary files. MacProCleaner has an advanced feature of detecting and cleaning out all the junk files. It obtains a smart scanning algorithm which enables a thorough checkup. Of course, you can always customize the scanning modes up to your your needs. You can always choose a selective checkup, for instance, scan only logs or user cache files.

What are the main functions of the tool?

  • You can increase the storage space with the help of this tool.
  • You can improve your Mac’s productivity and security.
  • You can delete all the unnecessary junk files on a regular basis.
  • You can either compress or archive those files your system needs but you will never open.
  • You can repair disk and its permissions. Thus, the tool provides the best maintenance to your Mac.
  • You can easily remove duplicates of photo, documents or any media files you have.
  • You can get rid of unwanted apps and all the traces they leave after the manual deletion.

What will happen if I do not clean my Mac from the junk files and duplicates?

The worst outcome you should expect is when in the middle of some important work process your computer simply freezes. Of course, you can always restart it and get back to your task. However, this can repeat a few times during the day. Moreover, the booting of some apps can take twice more time than before. Finally, having too many duplicates of media files can cause cluttering of your disk soon. As a result, you’ll reach the virtual memory threshold.

Is it safe to clean the junk files and duplicates with a tool?

If you are a regular Mac user and have no idea what cleaning codes can solve the issue, it is always better to use a utility. Besides, you must know many nuances before you accomplish the manual cleaning. Again, MacProCleaner works smoothly and does not remove any files without your final confirmation. Usually, when the utility finishes the scanning for unnecessary or even malicious cache files, it creates a special folder of found results. Then you have a chance to look through them and decide what files should be removed. It is essential to check such a folder when you scan your library for duplicates. Though a smart algorithm of the tool compares content and visual patterns of both files, you should ensure that the chosen files are no longer needed.

How long does it take to learn how the tool works?

It takes only a few minutes to understand the scanning algorithm. You will also need only one click to start the checkup. MacProCleaner is designed to save your time for more important things.