Arguably, there is nothing more annoying and irritating thing in the whole wide world than a slow Mac. Common, it’s Apple – it shouldn’t lag or freeze or do anything else like that to make you unhappy. Unfortunately, sooner or later all Macs do that. We’ll explain the reasons why your precious laptop slows down and tell about simple ways to unfreeze it and make it fly like new again.

Why My Mac Keeps Freezing and Lagging?

When your Mac constantly freezes and stops reacting to keyboard or touchpad, it’s quite displeasing. There’s no reason to panic, though. Basically, there are just 4 main reasons why  Mac goes slow (well, of course, if the problem is not with the physical damage of the device). The good news is that all these issues can be fixed without an extra effort or additional expenses – just by using MacCleanerPro. So here they are:
good news about your MacRunning out of free space on the hard drive.

Free space is crucial to Mac’s fast and seamless performance. Nothing slows a Mac down more than having too much data on the disk. Hence, upholding as much hard drive space as you can is the key.

Too many programs and services that launch on the startup.

When you start your Mac, lots of services launch at this moment taking up precious system resources. The thing is you might not need the vast majority of those services – at least on the startup.

Too many apps and services run in the background.

No matter how fancy and feature-packed a Mac is – if you have too many apps running simultaneously in the background, your laptop might not be able to cope even with simple tasks that don’t require many resources.

Outdated operation system and software.

That’s exactly the case when the popular saying, which goes “Old but good”, is not true to the fact. Apple claims that each new OS runs faster than the older ones. And you know what? For the most, it’s pure truth.

How to Make Your Mac Run Faster

Old but good Mac

Based on the above stated, here are four simple steps you should take to unfreeze and speed up a Mac.

  • Clean up the hard drive. It is by far the most apparent and efficient way to make Mac boot and operate faster. Caches, multiple trash bins, unused apps, old and large files, system logs, unnecessary language packs and other junk data – you’d better get rid of them all. Don’t want to delete something? Then move it to an external disk or cloud storage, let your laptop “breath” freely.
  • Clean out the startup list. When you turn your Mac on, many apps and services launch automatically causing the laptop to boot slowly. It doesn’t have to be this way. In the System Preferences > Accounts > Login Items, you can remove the apps that you don’t need right away after the start. Thus, they won’t strain the system’s resources, and it will work sensibly
  • Clean out the memory-hungry processes – use Mac memory cleaner. Undoubtedly, multitasking is cool and all that. But at some point, it drops your Mac’s performance to the lowest. Not so cool, right? To avoid that, you should go to the Activity Monitor and kill all the apps and processes you’re not using at the moment. Yes, because of this, it probably will take closed apps a bit longer to open in future. But it’s much more important for you to have a Mac flying at this very moment, isn’t it?
  • Update OS and apps. Keeping the software up to date on your Mac is not a whim, it’s an urgent necessity. Bugs and security issues fixes, system performance improvements – these are the main things you get. Way more often than not, such updates will change your Mac experience for the better.

Of course, if you are ready to spend some buck to speed up your precious Mac, you can read some tips to speed up your Mac and then buy a larger hard drive or add RAM. Yet, MacBooks aren’t cheap initially, and investing in their upgrade is quite a different story.

Improve Mac Performance with a Cleaner Tool Fast and Easy

As you can see, when it comes to making your Mac run faster at no additional costs, cleaning it from all kinds of junk files is a key. But fulfilling this task on your own is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. There are dozens of places on the Mac where the garbage can hunker. Scanning them manually – even if you know where to look – would take hours. Moreover, not all unnecessary files can be removed just by pressing “Delete” button; some require running a specialized uninstallation utilities. Hence, the question arises how to accomplish the mission fast and effortlessly?

That’s where MacCleanerPro comes in. With this app, cleaning your laptop will take just a couple of button presses and several minutes of the data analysis.

Simple Mac Optimization with Mac Pro Cleaner

MacCleanerPro is arguably the best one-stop solution for Mac cleanup. Previously, you required a set of several tools to maintain a Mac – now MacCleanerPro is all you need. Whether you want to get rid of junk files that clutter the hard drive, eliminate duplicates, optimize the system and keep it flying – a reliable and easy-to-use MacCleanerPro software is at your service.

Regularly using MacCleanerPro to take care of your treasured Mac will eventually boost its performance, security, and reliability. Thanks to thorough cleanups, you will never experience aggravation because of your laptop being slow or even freezing. Cleaning and maintaining your Mac has never been that easy and safe!