Are you a dedicated Apple fan who prefers Safari over other popular Internet browsers? In most cases, you are on a right way as the browser is much safer than Google Chrome and some other alternatives. It is also pretty fast! If you find it running slow, mind that clearing cache on Safari or erasing the history may help. You can do this manually or use one of the specialized cleaning apps.

Browser cleaners are not the only option on the market aimed to enhance your Safari experience. We have prepared a list of 10 must-have extensions to help you along the way. They are all simple to install and remove.

Unlock opportunities for achieving a better Safari performance!

1. AdBlock Plus

adblock extension

Online advertising is often the primary irritation of most computer users. Are you sick and tired of seeing numerous banners, pop-ups, and video ads when surfing the Web? A famous AdBlock may prevent the user from seeing annoying adware as well as make any website more readable. The software does not leave a chance for a different type of ads, including:

  1. Graphical;
  2. Textual;
  3. YouTube video.

A Mac owner, of course, can whitelist the pages he or she still wants to observe with all commercials (for example, in order to help those websites earn money on advertising to fund their activity).

2. Pinterest Browser Button

pinterest extension

It is a visual bookmarking instrument created to store pictures or links to them from any place on the Internet. It is possible to store recipes, travel pics, wish lists, and many other with the help of this wonderful tool. If you have a Pinterest account, you may classify the images using boards. A save button in your Safari browser saves whatever you want in a single click. Why could it be useful? Well, the app saves even those pictures that cannot be stored or copied elsewhere in a regular mode.

3. EverNote Web Clipper

evernote extension

Perhaps, it is the most popular and widespread note-taking tool by today. It is possible to store any text on the web to Safari and access it later from any device. Those who use EverNote can also exchange annotated pictures and texts with each other. The user may choose particular content by clicking and dragging around the information that makes sense to him/her. Finally, one can easily find the notes of interest in the app.

4. DuckDuckGo

duckduckgo extension

Did you know that Google, Yahoo, and some other famous search engines have a great gap in the shape of serious security threat? These websites save user’s personal information such as login details. Of course, it is not a common practice for the company to use private information of its users, but it is better to ensure personal online safety thanks to the innovative solution in shape o DuckDuckGo extension. It takes care of your privacy and security. It does not even gather or track the data users leave when filling out some forms. Also, you will not be distracted by the useless ads all the time. An extension will allow applying the engine directly in the Safari’s search field.

5. Autopagerize

autopagerize extension

Each time a person runs a search on Google or shops on Amazon and similar online stores, he/she obtains search results on a single page at once. It is a bit tiring to go on clicking the Next button to observe the rest of the results.

Let Autopagerize make the things faster! Keep scrolling down through the results. The app will automatically load the following page. It will display the information as a whole, long-lasting list. This way, a user does not get irritated pressing the Next button and getting the search results manually each time.

6. Awesome Screenshot

awesome screenshot

If you are the one who would like to make a screenshot of a website, try this one. Of course, a certain combination of keys on your Mac will capture a screenshot (Shift-Command-3). However, Awesome Screenshot enhances the screenshot experience of the Apple computer owners by allowing more than just a photo of your screen. You may crop screenshots, capture the whole page just to add fabulous effects, etc. The application gives an opportunity to share the screenshots in several clicks.

7. Pocket

pocket extension

Do you enjoy reading multiple articles and newsfeed on the web? If you are in a hurry, it is better to postpone the reading. Not to lose an important piece, set up Pocket in your Safari. The best thing is that you will be able to look through the articles even without Internet connection later. The software syncs across various devices and operating systems. It is a good way to read on the go.

8. LastPass

lastpass extension

Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo – you may have so many personal accounts out there! The age of social networking supposes such practice, so you’d better get one of the extensions to save all the login details. By writing down your login data in the notebook or saving such information in the Word document, a user still risks losing accesses. Get an efficient Safari in-built passcode manager. Not only it saves the name and password for each account if you need; one of the options is to keep the credentials secure thanks to high-level encryption. A Mac owner will have to come up with a powerful password (with LastPass, do not be afraid to create long, complex passwords with letters, symbols, and numbers). The credentials saved in the vault are in cloud server of the application.

9. Translate

translate extension

One of the Safari gaps is the absence of inserted translator. It may be rather inconvenient if you come to foreign websites often. Translate helps with the languages a user is not well-versed. This tiny extension easily identifies the native language of the page and translates it even better than Google Translator. Of course, it may depend on the slang and jargon words the authors use.

10. HoverSee

hover see extension

Often, seeing the video preview makes it possible to decide whether it is worth watching. Right, even a few episodes may give you a hint, so why waste your time? HoverSee is right what you need as not all websites offer image or video previews. You will see it in the shape of GIF. The extension saves plenty of time, and that is the best thing about it. However, it does not provide a preview of links.