Are you a Mac user who questions the necessity of the registry cleaner tool even if it is freeware? To clarify this controversial issue we should explain some facts. It is true that a Unix-based OS X simply doesn’t need a registry. All the details of apps downloaded from any third parties are saved in the .plist format in the Preference Files.

Mac user needs a registry cleaner

The shortest answer is a series of .plist files in various preferences folders. The typical locations for the system and apps settings on Mac would be:

  • /System/Library (OS-specific stuff);
  • /Library (system-wide preferences/settings valid for all users);
  • ~/Library (user-specific preferences/settings).

The folders beneath them like Application Support & Preferences count. And yes: these locations get overloaded with junk over time just like Windows Registry. It is a question of time when exactly these places will be filled. macOS Sierra/High Sierra have better cleaning options than Windows operating system, but it does not mean a user may relax forgetting to wipe the space.

You may not need a registry the way it appears on the Windows or Unix-based devices, but it is important to keep the places mentioned above clean to make Apple computer function properly.

Why does the system store the third-party software’s details in the .plist format? The necessity to keep such information in the Preference Files is predetermined by the fact Mac OS X can come up with a new preference file for the software. That is the primary reason to download & install a registry cleaner. It helps to control a selective removal of a corrupted preference file. Another tool that manages deletion of a damaged preference file or group of files is MacProCleaner – one of the cleaning market champions!

Below, explore six additional reasons why Mac users need a good registry cleaner for cleaning their Apple products without a Registry.

  1. Correct any registry errors with the help of such tool;
  2. Remove residual files, useless login items, large unused files, and extensions;
  3. Boost target Mac’s performance;
  4. Get rid of all junk files (logs + cache);
  5. Free up space to store more important files;
  6. Speed up many processes on your Mac.

How can one achieve these goals without extra efforts? Download & install a professional cleaning application from MacProCleaner developers to speed up the entire Apple computer’s system!

how to clean registry on Mac

Find out How to Clean Registry on Mac

Many macOS/OS X novices ask the same questions: “Should I use a registry cleaner and do I actually need it to support the good performance of the system?” Next, they wonder about the good and free of charge tools. The answer is obvious. If you do not like getting deep into fixing errors manually, you need such tool for your Mac’s improved performance. How does it save time? With the registry cleaner, you’ll need to start the scanning process by clicking a single button “Scan all the junk” and wait until the smart tool detects useless items. It will take a few minutes to see the results. After the tool shows a list of recommended files for deletion, look through the list to check whether they should remain in the system or go. The tool decides what files are corrupted and how to detect them in the list of similar file names. The user is the one to decide which items to delete.

Before specifying the advantages of registry cleaner, listen to the expert who explains the way to wipe registry on Mac manually.

“It is possible to manually delete all registry entries being sure you can do it without harming the whole system. Mind the way to get rid of the corrupted files accomplishing several steps with the help of built-in utilities.

  • Detect a particular file that has been corrupted. Go to the Library.
  • Find a Preference folder, and choose the file that is considered a corrupted one.
  • Remove the target item from the system.”

Important Notice: Do not be afraid to delete such files: Mac OS X is a unique system able to restore any preferences and offers to customize them.

More than just your registry Mac cleaner

We have already mentioned that under the registry cleaner, we mean a tool that cleans the corrupted and unnecessary files (login details, logs, and cache). The main job of our cleaning tool is to bring multifunctional properties. Our app tends to find such issues during the junk scanning process, which may take up to several minutes. It determines the corrupted issues and offers to delete them with a single click. The utility like MacProCleaner does not automatically remove any files – it always brings you a choice.

Making a choice is our top priority, and MacProCleaner’s team mission is to serve every Apple computer owner most beneficially without investing too much money!

The efficiency of registry cleaners for Mac

The registry cleaner you apply to OS X, MacProCleaner, is aimed at more than erasing the corrupted files. The main purpose is to bring the most elaborated cleaning and maintenance services. It becomes easy to free up space and boost Mac’s performance in less than a few seconds by single-clicking the desired option.

  • Launch MacProCleaner → System Junk
  • Pick the Scan button
  • Look at the list of results – potentially useless/corrupted files
  • Push the Clean button to eliminate the junk!