Of course, some people get very excited when they get something vintage or retro. However, the main problem with the outdated – even though classic – digital devices is the fact the manufacturers do not support them any longer. It is true so far: once a company stops releasing a product, its support is gone. That is exactly what the owners of stylish Mac mini of 2011 are experiencing now as Apple declares the product archaic. The support was not canceled immediately, but still, it became far more complicated to solve various issues with the device.

The End Is Nigh for Mac mini

The problem is, the company itself calls Mac mini 2011 obsolete. Since 2017, the fate of the cute device was predetermined by the official memo from Apple. Unfortunately, it means both Apple Company and Apple Authorized Service Providers will not fix or serve these devices. Sure thing, if it is still applicable by law (e.g., an active warranty), the company promises to repair Mac mini or offer another device. In a couple of regions, the customers can count on the support for their Man minis of 2011 even now, for example, in California (US) and Turkey.

Do not hurry to panic – the company is obligated to fix and serve its goods for up to 5 years after they are canceled. Besides, it hints at releasing a brand new model of the computer in the closest future. Who knows – maybe, it would be 2018!

As for the outdated 2011 model, the line was discontinued in the second half of 2012, and five years have passed so far. However, as it was mentioned, in case of any legal issues, the support will help you one more time. You just need all the documents with you. In fact, you will be able to support the health of your favorite device alone. Just clean Mac mini regularly with the help of built-in utilities or special third-party cleaning apps, and this would minimize any software-based threats to your machine.

Brief History: Recalling the Past

Before Apple releases the next Mac mini, take a couple of seconds to recall the novelties offered by this computer. We would like to recall the two outstanding features that made it unique:

  • A Thunderbolt port;
  • An optical disc drive for CDs/DVDs;
  • Stylish, outstanding design.

As for the requirements and characteristics, Mac mini of 2011 was powered by Intel’s dual-core Haswell processors.

It does not mean, however, that the newer models will lack these options. Most probably, the company will improve the device with even more attractive features.

A Look Forward

More than 1,100 days have passed since the latest update of the 2011 model, so it is time to bury it or leave behind for your collection.

Although the company decided to quit the production of Mac mini 2011, its marketing chief, Phil Schiller, admits that this model is crucial for the development of other Apple computers. Maybe you have already heard about the potential release of new Mac Pro this year. The company gives a hint that the newest releases may include another Mac mini as well. Schiller’s words were confirmed by the current CEO, Tim Cook.

The audience expects the final upgrade of Mac mini 2011 in the period between 2019 and 2021 (of course, if Apple does not change their mind).

Maintaining Mac mini by Yourself

As it was mentioned above, many tools exist to support the health of Mac mini even in these conditions. To increase the longevity of your Mac mini, you should stick to several rules.

Fix the Boot Volume

Start up the computer with the alternative boot volume. Perform a disk verification and then run a repair if it’s necessary. (Note that this method doesn’t really work for fixing permissions; you should do that while you boot the operating system from the internal main boot volume.) To define the volume structure, a user can apply Disk Utility or various third-party tools like Drive Genius, Tech Tool Pro, Disk Tools Pro, etc. You should also run a surface scan and come up with other advanced tests.

Reset SMC

System management controller is a clue to the healthy Apple computers, and Mac mini is not an exception.

  1. Shut down Mac mini.
  2. Replace the battery.
  3. Push and keep holding the Power button for at least five seconds.
  4. Reinstall the battery and switch on the device.

Update the Software

It is not necessary to look for the updates just every day, but a user should do it at least once per two weeks or month. You may simply check the App Store for any new updates or find out whether you are running the latest software version in About This Mac.

Keep Cleaning the System All the Time

It is critical to get rid of the system junk periodically.

Do not Forget to Back up!

Who knows what may happen to this vintage line. Thus, backup the information stored on your Mac mini regularly to make sure nothing wrong happens to the files you value.

Reasons to Avoid Buying Mac mini of 2011

In general, we would not recommend buying Mac mini today. Except for the fact it is no longer supported or manufactured, we offer a few more reasons to switch to something more up-to-date.

  1. It has not been updated in ages. The last huge, influential modification was noted in 2014. It is all silent since that time.
  2. The processor is underpowered. The peak of 2014 Mac mini’s performance was degraded by cutting off all quad-core processors from being used list.
  3. The graphics are underpowered, too. Mac mini is definitely not a gamer’s choice!
  4. It is difficult to upgrade. Because of the tamperproof screws on the underside of the model, it is hard to upgrade.
  5. A user does not receive a monitor. The price only seems underestimated as the computer misses display, mouse, and keyboard. You will have to buy these components separately like coming up with a puzzle.