Mac computers are chosen by many users mainly for their top-notch performance. Without a doubt, they live up to all the expectations delivering great user experience and productivity. Developers around the world aim to create applications that meet various user requirements. Many efforts are taken to ensure the consistent work of Mac devices. New applications appear every year, so the competition is fierce. But which are the best Mac apps to use?

Selecting the essential apps for Mac is a real challenge. The market is saturated with lots of solutions for every need and purpose. More and more applications appear in Mac app store by the day. Take a look at the selection of the top 7 must-have applications to install on every Mac computer in 2017.

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The Roundup of Free and Paid Must-Have Mac Apps

Evernote (Free + Pro version)

Evernote is a cloud-based app meant to create, manage and store notes and media files. It is immensely popular due to its ease of use and cross-platform syncing capabilities. Using this application allows accessing user’s notes and data on different devices. All it takes is to enter a username and password. Besides great functionality, Evernote delivers beautiful design and visually appealing file arrangement. The app allows keeping the notes and ideas in one place, serving as temporary or permanent file storage. Feel free to use Evernote for a number of things:

  • Saving recipes;
  • Making screenshots;
  • Sharing data with other users;
  • Saving files based on geographic location;
  • Bookmarking web pages;
  • Adding comments to file attachments;

and so much more!

FaceTime ($0.99 for Mac OS X v10.6.6 or later)

FaceTime is a video-/voice- calling application developed by Apple.   It allows making video calls between FaceTime-compatible devices using the onboard digital camera. For example, from Mac to iPhone, between iPhones, or from iPad to iPod Touch. This app does not support group calls, so only person-to-person communication is possible. Since 2013, FaceTime has enabled voice-only phone calls. Using this feature allows saving up on the monthly minutes under your phone contract. FaceTime is available for Macs running on OS X Mountain Lion and OS X Lion free of charge. Meanwhile, for Mac OS X v10.6.6 or later FaceTime has to be purchased at $0.99 from the Mac App Store.

Wunderlist (Free + Pro version)

Wunderlist is an outstanding task management and to-do list tool for Mac OS. It allows making to-do lists, supplied with reminders and due dates to keep you on schedule. This application lets you create collaborative lists to share them with clients or co-workers.  Being a cross-platform app, Wunderlist syncs content across multiple devices. Also, it can store notes, images, web pages, etc. for later use in cloud storage.

Alfred 3 (Free + Paid Powerpack)

Alfred is more than an application launcher. Somewhat of Spotlight meeting Siri, it helps to execute simple tasks on user’s demand. Be it making calculations, searching the web, or finding word definitions – the app does it all. The application enables automation and surpasses Siri in performing more advanced tasks. Alfred’s hotkeys and shortcuts save the time when it comes to carrying out simple tasks. Other capabilities include file buffering and shell integration.

Dropzone 3 ($9.99)

Dropzone 3 is a productivity app for launching apps, copying and moving files, sharing the content in social services. Also, Dropzone serves as a tool to upload files using FTP and Amazon S3. It is possible to use this app for shortening URLs with shortener. The application is easy to operate – all you need to do is drag and drop something to the Dropzone window. The files will be uploaded and accessible while you switch screens and applications. No need to go back to the source file, if you can take it from the Dropzone.

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Adium (Free)

Adium is a free multi-protocol messenger app for Mac OS X. It bundles up all the available messaging accounts and organizes the contacts in one place. Adium supports a variety of protocols – AIM, XMPP (Jabber), ICQ, IRC, Twitter, etc. If you need more messaging services, throw in some extra plugins. With Adium, you can connect with friends through appropriate channels. No need to look for a specific contact across multiple windows and applications.

Magnet ($0.99)

Magnet allows decluttering the Mac screen by organizing the application windows in tiles. This app comes in handy when you need to rearrange the workspace and multitask. With several app windows placed side by side, there is no need to switch between the applications. Magnet has a full-screen mode and allows splitting the screen into halves, quarters or thirds. It is easy to use on screens of all sizes, and it supports up to six external displays. Feel free to use the unlimited number of combinations.