In the age of the Internet, web browsers have become the most frequently used applications. Mac users are offered Safari as a default web surfing solution. Other options like Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are quite popular as well. All browsers have one thing in common. They store cookies, history, and cache containing the data from websites you’ve accessed.

When all the preferences are saved, web browsing becomes faster, since you don’t have to enter the passwords or other information again. However, cookies, history, and cache tend to pile up which leads to sluggish performance. Is there a way to improve your browsing experience fast and easy? Read on to find out!

Boost Internet on Mac

How to Boost Safari’s Performance on a Mac

Safari 11 is an in-built macOS browser favored by the majority of Mac users. Safari comes packed with a ‘Clear History’ tool to help you clean up the browsing history manually. To access the tool from the main application menu, click ‘Safari’ in the toolbar on top, then choose ‘Clear History.’ Choose if you want to delete the last hour’s browsing history or all the data for today. Maybe, there is a need to purge the history for today and yesterday, or completely remove all of it.

Apart from deleting browsing history, the ‘Clear History’ tool also purges cookies and the entire browser cache. There is a possibility of a more targeted approach: Safari allows removing specific websites from history, as well as cookies and cache for them.

To access the list of recently visited sites:

  1. Click ‘History’, then ‘Show All ‘
  2. Opt for a specific resource, then right-click on it.
  3. Select ‘Remove’ from the drop-down menu.
  4. Alternatively, you can hit Backspace or Delete key.

In case you wish to delete several websites from the browsing history, select them by holding down Shift or Cmd keys. Then, remove them by hitting Backspace or Delete. Mind that the right-click won’t work for this.

Apart from removing browsing history, there is a possibility to purge cookies and cache data for specific websites as well.

  1. Access the Preferences box.
  2. Choose ‘Privacy,’ then click ‘Manage Website Data’ button.
  3. Scan the list for a particular website, or use the Search bar in the top right corner.
  4. Select the website and click ‘Remove’ button.
  5. Also, you can click ‘Remove ‘

What about Safari’s cache data? Safari Developer menu allows purging the cache separately, leaving the browsing history and cookies intact. This can come in handy when the browser becomes sluggish to diagnose a specific problem.

  1. To enter the Safari Developer menu, select ‘Safari,’ then go to ‘’
  2. Click ‘Advanced,’ then tick ‘Show Develop ‘
  3. In the Develop menu select ‘Empty ‘

How to Clear Browsing Data in Chrome on Mac

Chrome is the second popular web browser after Safari among Mac users. To clear up Chrome’s browsing data, you need to access its History tab. For this, follow these steps:

  1. In your Chrome browser toolbar click ‘’
  2. Click ‘More Tools’ -> ‘Clear Browsing ‘
  3. In the ‘Clear browsing data’ box, tick ‘Cookies and other site data’ and ‘Cached images and ‘
  4. Use the top menu to choose the data that you want to remove. If you wish to purge all data completely, choose ‘beginning of time.’
  5. Click ‘Clear browsing ‘

How to Clear Browsing Data in Mozilla on Mac

Mozilla Firefox is another popular browser chosen by Mac users. It will take you mere seconds to purge browsing history in Firefox. It is possible to access ‘Recent History’ directly the top menu bar. Follow these steps:

  1. In your Firefox browser, click the menu button in the top right corner.
  2. Find ‘History’ -> select ‘Clear Recent ‘
  3. In the drop-down menu next to the ‘Time range to clear,’ select how much browsing history you want to purge.
  4. In ‘Details’ you can select the specific data to clear up.
  5. Hit ‘Clear Now’ to purge the chosen items.

Browser Cleaners for Mac: Pros & Cons

In case there are several browsers used on a Mac, cleaning up each of them separately can be very time-consuming. Is there a browser cleaner Mac owners can utilize to purge all history on Mac at once? Absolutely! Third-party Mac applications offer a set of tools which include browser cleaning capabilities. With their help, it is possible to purge cookies, cache, browsing history as well as system junk from your Mac device. Some of the programs provided by the third-party vendors also include firewall solutions and anti-virus protection. Browser cleaners for Mac may offer the following benefits:

  • One-click browsing data, cookies and cache cleaning;
  • Anti-malware and adware protection/removal tools;
  • Firewall capabilities;
  • Overall performance boost;
  • System junk removal and disk space optimization.

Clearing up browsing history, cookies, and the cache is necessary to improve web browsing experience on your Mac device. Mac users have an option of manual browser data cleaning. However, this is a time-consuming process. Third-party utilities for Mac OS optimization include browser cleaning capabilities into the overall functionality range. Using browser cleaner Mac features is a fast and easy way to deal with the cleaning task.