In this day and age, we can’t imagine ourselves without the Internet. It is the fastest and the most interactive way to keep up with the latest news, download various media files, communicate, and work. Modern smart devices keep us connected to the Internet 24/7. The majority of Apple owners will agree that most of the time they start their Macs they also launch a browser to dive into the abyss of the World Wide Web. That’s why it is so important for the Internet to always to work fast and steady. Slow performance or even disconnections are a frustrating experience for any user who wonders “Why is my Mac browser so slow?”.

Make-Your Internet Browser Faster

If you are one of such people, you need to read this guide and learn killer tips to speed up your Internet connection right away.

  1. Test the speed of the Internet

To get started you should measure the speed of your Internet connection. The best way to do it is to use some of the most popular specialized sites. A good example of such site is It will test the uplink and downlink speed of your Internet and provide statistics with the average data about your Internet provider’s performance.

Another easy way to check your net speed is to take a look at configurations set up at your router or modem. There you should see the actual speed of the connected line which is the highest possible you can get with your subscription on your DSL line.

2. Move around your wireless modem or router

If using Wi-Fi on your Mac is just handier, or you access the Internet from iPad or iPhone, then you should position the router as close to your device as possible. Central spot in the apartment or the place where you tend to connect to the Wi-Fi most often is a good choice. Make sure there are no significant obstacles like solid walls or massive furniture between the device and the router. The general rule is that you get the best signal if you keep the router in sight.

3. Turn on wireless security on your router

Ensure that no one else is using your Internet by turning on strong security on your wireless modem. Unless the security is turned on, any neighbor in your building may simply piggyback on your connection and slow down your home Internet. Choose WPA2-PSK as a security setting in the configuration of your wireless router. Next, choose a decent password that is hard to guess; use capitalized letters and special symbols.

4. Close all unnecessary windows in your browser

Another thing you should do is close all opened tabs and windows in your browser that you don’t need. Same refers to all running apps that remain constantly connected to the Web, and get occasionally synchronized or updated. Mind those that also run in iCloud. All these windows and applications are only slowing down your bandwidth.

5. Reset your Internet browser, keep it cleaned and optimized

For most Mac users, their first-choice browser will be Safari, which is fairly one of the best browsers out there. Keep your browser running fresh and clean while following these few tips:

Some other useful tips for you to get a strong and steady Wi-Fi connection:

  1. Upgrade your modem; change it to one of the latest models which supports the highest data transferring speed.
  2. Try to change the radio channel that your router uses to broadcast the signals. The reason for that is that sometimes channels may contravene with those of other users in your building.
  3. An obvious advice may be to order a premium Internet package from your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Nowadays, it’s not a problem to find a vendor that will offer you up to 1-2 Gbps. Internet speed.
  4. Check the configuration and the setup of your Wi-Fi router. Adjust them if needed.
  5. Try switching to the other web browsers, such as Chrome or Firefox, and see if they are working faster than your usual one.
  6. We hope that following a few or all of these tips will help you speed up your Internet and enjoy a faster smoother work on your Mac.