Yosemite Cache Cleaner for Mac OS X 10.10 is a general-purpose system tool that allows to remove all kinds of junk data from your Apple computer. Such regular maintenance is the best way to keep your Mac’s performance on the high level. It is especially true if your Mac still runs on Yosemite released back in 2014. Just imagine how much garbage had piled up in the system since then. Yes, you might have been emptying trash bin periodically, but the thing is the lion’s share of junk is hidden in places that a user is highly unlikely to find during typical maintenance chores. Moreover, these places are so numerous that for a human being it would take days to deal with them manually. That’s where Yosemite Cache Cleaner will be of great help to any Mac owner

Why Is Your Yosemite Running Slow?

Over time, your precious Mac that used to work lightning-fast starts to perform slower. Every time booting is like a wake-up after a lethargic sleep; apps loading takes ages; when they do load, they lag; on top of everything, Mac freezes at the most inappropriate moment sending your hard work down the drain. Familiar? Keep reading to find out how to fight these issues.

Yosemite Running Slow
We can tell from experience that there are just a few major reasons why performance problems appear regardless is it Mac laptop or desktop:

  • Lack of free space on the hard drive.
  • Too many apps on startup.
  • Too many processes running in the background.

Out of these three, the lack of the free space is the most important one. Of course, you can read the guideline of how to increase disk space on OS X Yosemite and try to save the day on your own by removing several apps (AppCleaner Yosemite might help here), delete a couple of movies and old music albums and even weed out unnecessary languages from apps’ language packs. But that’s just tinkering at the margins while you need a comprehensive solution. You need a professional Mac OS X cleaning utility that can make its way to the most distant corners of the system and clean out all detected junk.

Optimizing Your Mac Yosemite with Cache Cleaner

Despite their self-explanatory name, cache cleaners not only clean cache. Some apps of this kind can do a whole lot more: for example, optimize memory, repair permissions, fine-tune your Internet connection, and even scan online downloads for viruses. Yosemite Cache Cleaner’s features include but are not limited to this list:

Clean system cache

Cache is a piece of data stored on a computer for the purpose of speeding up access to this data next time it is needed. Ideally, this component should help various things and operations happen faster. It does, at first. With time, though, cache occupies gigabytes of disk space and thus, becomes one of the reasons why Mac slows down.

Clean apps’ cache

There’s not only system cache on Macs; the vast majority of applications create their own cache files – font lists, in-app images, installation data, uninstallation leftovers, etc. They are scattered over the system in numerous folders (often hidden), which makes flushing them manually quite troublesome. Erasing them increases system stability and frees up hard drive space.

Edit startup menu

Is your Mac boot dramatically slow? Most likely, there are too many apps and processes that launch on startup. After that, they parasitize on your system’s resources. The thing is you hardly really need just half of those apps. Removing them from the startup list is an efficient measure to increase the booting speed.

Repair disk permissions

Some think that repairing disk permissions can be an all-in-one cure for any issue with Mac. Others consider this procedure totally worthless if not harmful. As usual, the truth is somewhere in between. Repairing permissions fixes problems that the system experiences when trying to access or modify files with corrupt permissions. It does affect how particular apps operate but has little effect on general Mac performance improvement. Nevertheless, repairing permissions from time to time is quite preferable.

Eliminate other system junk

Cache is not the only type of junk data that clutters the system. Crash logs, update logs, general logs, universal binaries, installation support files, broken login items, files in multiple trash bins – they all pile up and waste your Mac’s valuable resources. And you know what? All this data is completely useless for a regular user! So, do your Mac a favor and get rid of this junk.

Optimize RAM

Not only the lack of hard drive space seriously affects Mac’s speed – memory shortage matters greatly, too. You don’t want to have too many resource-hungry processes running in the background when you expect your Mac fly. Shutting them down will free up RAM that will be reallocated to make apps you really need at the moment run faster.

Yosemite Cache Cleaner has all features mentioned above and many more. Mac OS X 10.10 users would definitely find it useful to do maintenance chores on their Macs.

MacProCleaner: The Next Step

As a number of Yosemite users gradually decreases (according to gosquared.com, as of May 2017 19% of Macs run on Yosemite) and they shift to newer Mac OS X versions, they seek the latest cleaners to keep their laptops and desktops in good shape. Apart from doing what all cache cleaners do, MacProCleaner can also detect and delete duplicate files, eliminate unnecessary language files, clean registry and much more. As a result, your Apple computer will work faster, the system will be more stable, and general performance will significantly improve. Truly, good Mac is a clean Mac!